Friday, June 26, 2009



Oh, like you didn't watch it too.

So yesterday I wake up at noon after staying up until roughly 3 AM. Oh the summer habits. And, then last night, again at 3 or 4 AM when I decide to crash, I'm laying in bed trying to go to sleep whilst thinking of all the other things I could be doing. (Stretching, playing music, messing with my hair, scooting around on my floor, plucking my eyebrows.)

This happens all the time, and I'm always half tempted to get up and do them, or at least write a list so I can get it out of my head. But then I convince myself to stay in bed and SLEEP for goodness sake, and I usually drift off into another dream about T-rexs in a swimming pool who resemble my friends. (Misplaced modifier: do my friends look like the pool or the dino? Language Arts has ruined me.) But not last night.

Last night I look at the clock and decide "Who needs 5 hours of sleep anyways?" and I get up and proceed to sign onto AIM, informing my friend I will be attempting and all nighter that will more than likely only last 2 hours. How wrong I was. I made it through with flying colors (Yay to whiling away the hours reading by reading political and science news articles!) and I feel AWESOME.

Not solely in the "Go you, Becca, for accomplishing what 72% of all teenagers do every other night" sense, but actually physically awesome. Funny too, since I didn't even do any of the things I was thinking about that compelled me to get up in the first place. (Kay, I plucked my eyebrows.) I sat on the computer sharing a hilarious conversation with my fellow All-Nighter (notice the capitalization and how it turns an action into a noun. Fancy, right?) and, as stated earlier, reading many an article.

We've come to the conclusion that a Japanese diver will discover Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle is the third pole, and Santa lives there, which is why he "doesn't exist", by the way.

So, after about 5 hours on my computer, I'm expecting my eyes will be really tired and I'll want to zonk out. Surprisingly I rise, stretch very fullfillingly like a kitty-cat, and feel fine. Before that I had glanced out my window to find it was light out. Which, let me tell you, is really perception boggling, since there was no sleep-break-up-of-days.

But anyways, I felt like doing some stretches and random light exercise, and did, and it wasn't my usual getting energy out rushed kind, but rather a very nice and focused version. I felt more attuned, which, again, strikes me as odd since I have not slept, and let me tell you, as much as I gripe about sleep as a necessity, I do love dreaming and lazing.

Basically, my all nighter bordered on enlightening. I got to listen to my 13 parakeets in the living room peep themselves awake, witness the subtle change from night to morning, and share quite a nice time with a dear friend. I watched the world wake up, and in the wee hours of the morn, it kinda felt like magic.

I've gained a renewed appreciation of the subtle and the small, and I'm excited for nothing in particular. I deem this the official commencement of summer.

Let the games begin :]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pepper Turtles

So, I'm lovin' these follow through skills I got here. It and my willpower are a long, arduous work in progress, I'll get there, I promise. For now though, let's just be a little vain.

Rocking the Triple Pony Super Deluxe

Wouldn't it be cool if I had my hair dyed neopolitan colors with this style? That reminds me, in a future post I must peacock my past hair colors. Right now it's streaky orange because of my well water. I must say, it kinda suits me. Oh, parking cone hair days. -wistful sigh- The earrings I'm wearing are long term lent to me by a best friend, whose great grandmother owned them. There's something magical about them.

There's a star, a moon, cupid, and a sun

Somehow they manage not to be too bulky or show-offy. I enjoy them so.
Then today I was making an asparagus, onion, and bell pepper stir fry (weird sounding combination, surprisingly delicious.) and found something cool in the orange bell pepper. One, or several, I'm not sure, of the seeds had begun growing a new pepper inside. How cool is it a whole peeper comes from one, and each pepper creates that many seeds? They multiply like rats! Seeing it was the same 5 year old awe you get every time you find a tiiiiiny grape. Or you know, I'm just easily excitable.

Me and my pepper baby are gonna go ponder the meaning of life now. (It's 42)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

When I Grow Up

Can I be this girl?

Her twitchy dance enthralls me, and if I could, I would dress in her kind of nonsense every day.
It kind of reminds me of this necklace.

By ElizaVeta on Etsy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Flights of fancy

feather necklace/collar and my "sister has slapped me" face.

This is what I spent my yesterday making! My aunt in Tennessee has a bird farm, unofficially, and officially just way too many birds for one person. So she sent me a huge bag of feathers from them years ago, and I always wanted to do something with them but never knew what, so they sat in my room behind my fabric shelf for ages. I pulled them out and started looking through them, and I had a bunch of these (I couldn't tell you what kind of bird they're from off the top of my head. I think they're a tad too colorful for a sun conure, or rather too green, and I can't think of the right kind of parrot. Lemme know if you know.)

I don't know if I'll sell it. That's the problem with me and Etsy and crafts in general: anything I make I want to keep. But maybe I'll make another with a different kind of feather. I feel many feather related things coming on. You think anyone would go for that?

So, me being the fickle, fickle lady-creature that I am, I've decided to dedicate this blog to whatever I fancy at the moment. but it'll probably mostly be

  • Fashion, By which I mean me in a super duper outfit, thrift stores are my best friend.
  • Yum-yums, Why not fulfill my womanly love of baking and share them with the world?
  • Lists, as I do so love a good list.
  • Tying into fashion and what I just posted about, my various jewelry creations.

Go sporadic posting, go!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh god, she's on the loose again

You ever get a really good train of thought going with a lot of potential to be a real conversation starter, or remember that you have a blog you made with the intention of letting out your midday rambles on but haven't touched in months, which reminds you of your wife...what?!You get online, sign into blogger after guessing three different passwords, click "new post", lay your hands down on the keyboard to type...and find you lost what you were thinking about? Yeah.

In real life, that probably would have been followed with me glancing around the room at my listeners only to be met with blank stares, and then, for the kajillionth time, saying "Just me, then?". If ever there was a catchphrase for me, it'd be that. I sometimes wonder if people think it saddens me that no one caught whatever reference or random blurb I threw out there, because I never know what my tone is saying. Thing is I quite like the awkward pauses that followed most things I say.

Every once in a blue moon I like to sit in front of the computer with a cup of tea, when I probably have something else way more worth my time to be doing, and look at gossip articles. I don't know why. I think it's cause it's associated with that "this reminds me of that time I went to the city and we were speeding around in our little lithe car and watching the lights zoom by like in photos where you shook the camera as you were taking it" feeling in my mind. It feels like something the girls who wear spagetti strap shirts three sizes too small for their torsos would be doing in the summer while they wait for their flavor of the week to pick them up to go to the beach. And so while I'm sitting there doing that it sort of sickens me. That's why they're called guilty pleasures I suppose.

One thing i do like doing on a regular basis that doesn't make me vomit through my nostrils is spend hours looking at pictures on DeviantArt or Mostly the latter now. It's like when you watch a video on youtube and click on another on the sidebar and end up going from something about puppies to, 20 videos later, something about nebulas. It's a web/spiral/hoopla of awesomeness to get lost in. And when I look at pictures most end up being catergorized in my mind and associated with a feeling. like the gossip magazine thing. Like a girl in a white undershirt waking up and pulling the curtains back while still in bed and the light streaming in has been associated with this semi downtrodden house near me. They don't make sense, but it's nice to have something to compare things to in my head.

some common themes:
That one summer I was baby sat by the secretary at the desk in the Tae-Kwon-Doe place, and me and my sister played video games with her son, and I was introduced to Jet Set radio Future, which remains a favorite today, and we went to the beach by walking down the road for like two minutes and then we'd go to Tae-Kwon-Doe, and once we dressed up like the JSRF characters and rollerbladed on his street and I layed out in the rain on the street, and it was just an innocent sunny awesome summer.

going to the zoo with my mom and sister two years ago on the 4th of july. We blasted Regina Spektor on the way there and it was the best weather, bright but not blinding, warm without making you sweat, and the road was that nice shade of gray, and barely anyone was at the zoo and so we had free reign. Which reminds me of when I was younger and we went to the alligotar farm, after in the gift shop i got this treasure map, which ended up staying in it's package for months, but we went back home and we filled up our kiddy pool and had pizza bagels.

Pizza bagels I have backwards linked to the week I spent with a friend and his family in Disney, which was just so much fun, consisting of staying up VERY late, pillow fights, getting yelled at by a crazy grandma, haunted houses THE BEST ONE EVER THREE STORIES YEAH, and scaring people from on top of the washing machine.

The 8th grade trip to DC. ahh so much to say about it. But the feeling was...hmm, the crips cold, and I picture our hotel room from a distance, looking in and just a lamp is on, diffusing light through most of the room but not all of it, and some of the girls are on the bed and others by the table just hanging out. Lots of stuff reminds me of here, because so much went on, so I'll just leave this nice and vague, like the rest has been I suppose XD

/end themes

This is nice for me, because most of the time when I'm thinking, it's only half coherent, like I know what I mean so I don't really follow through with the thought, leaving me with an empty headed feeling. I don't reflect enough, and maybe now I will begin to. Maybe this is entertaining/puzzling/annoying/exploding someone else, and if so, yay? But it doesn't really matter, it's helping me out, it's purpose has been served for me at least, maybe as it progresses it can help someone else too :]